Contract Drafting

Drafting contracts properly has fundamental significance and needs to be done in a circumspective fashion. Particularly in international business affairs, inadequately and insufficiently drafted contracts may lead to substantial uncertainties. For example, questions of the applicable law and jurisdiction arise based upon the fact that the business partners are located in different countries. In case of a dispute, the enforceability of a claim largely depends on these factors. For that reason, already at the time of the conclusion of a contract it is necessary to act anticipatorily in order to recognize possible advantages or disadvantages of particular regulations.

GERMELA Legal will be counseling you on national and international contracts, will be reviewing existing contracts, and will be supporting you at legal disputes domestically or abroad. Aside from possessing profound special knowledge of the respective legal system, the attorneys and legal consultants of GERMELA Legal are most familiar with the mentality and the characteristics of business etiquettes in the respective region. This tremendously facilitates the drafting of the contracts, which are most of the times negotiated between the contracting parties, and not unilaterally imposed.